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 “I would highly recommend Ballarat Legal Resolution Services. During the process of separation, Anna took the time to get to know my personal circumstances. I trusted her to take the action required in a respectful and ethical way. She kept me informed each step of the way and brought in the expertise of others when needed. Anna built a circle of support around me through the people who work with her. When mediation was completed, Anna then provided thorough estate planning. During the most stressful time in my life, I felt I had the right people in my corner. Thank you, Anna and your team, for your care and professionalism. ” Lindy 

We can help you with the following:

FIXED PRICE FAMILY LAW SERVICESCouple                      Unlike other law firms where you could be charged in excess of $500 per hour and not know what your final account will be – we offer our clients a fixed price estimates for each stage of their matter with clear identification of what we will do for that fixed price. We also offer our clients with alternatives that can reduce their disbursement costs.

Whether you have concerns about the safety and welfare of your children, how often you see your children, how the children spend time with each parent etc our firm is experienced in providing advice about the appropriate course of action to take which ranges from parenting plans, consent orders, mediations, round table dispute management, seeking urgent orders from the court etc

Every couple in every situation is unique. However there are certain guidelines and precedents that would apply to your situation. We are able to provide you with accurate assessments about your entitlements would be under the Family Law Act so that you can resolve your matter quickly with the least possible expense. Please contact our firm at about obtaining a fixed price assessment of your entitlements.

We are experienced in providing services to same-sex partners at various stages of their relationship including but not limited to the preparation of cohabitation agreements, binding financial agreements, consent orders and other arrangements regarding children and property.

If properly drafted and properly explained, binding financial agreements are legally binding contracts that can often be prepared for clients including same sex couples thus avoiding the payment of filing fees and the costs associated with the preparation of consent orders. Binding financial agreements can deal with property, spousal maintenance, transfer of property and superannuation.

There are certain situations where the preparation of consent orders is the preferred option. We are experienced in drafting consent orders that deal with property and parenting matters and ensure that all steps are taken on your behalf to ensure that the consent orders are legally enforceable.

No longer just for the rich and famous- many couples opt for prenuptial agreements in order to ensure certainty about the future in the event of relationship or marriage breakdown for all couples including same sex couples. Our firm has proven experience with the drafting of such agreements to ensure the protection of assets.

In certain situations parenting plans can be entered into between parents thus avoiding the cost and expense of consent orders. We have proven experience with the drafting of parenting plans that are flexible and workable for modern families.

Because life changes and because people change your existing parenting plan or consent orders may no longer apply and you may require assistance to enable you to move on with the next chapter of your life, relocate to another city or state . Extreme care needs to be taken in such matters and we are experienced in providing you with guidance and the legal advice that you will require in such a situation.

Whether it is a matter relating to paternity, late or non-payment of child support or whether you are the recipient of a child support claim you will need advice to assist your child support matter. There are strict timelines and requirements involved.

One of the options available for parents is entering into a binding child support agreement which can clearly identifying responsibility for expenses such as private school fees, optometrists, orthodontists, school and sporting equipment and the like.

As one of the franchisees of Legal Resolution Services Australia we are able to offer parties and in-house mediation service to resolve all manner of disputes including but not limited to child support, parenting issues and property issues.

Sometimes quick action is necessary to ensure the protection of your children and/or property. We have the experience to prepare an urgent application on your behalf and to provide the necessary representation for you.

Our clients have often told us that the ‘do-it-yourself’ kits are difficult to navigate. We can assist you with all aspects of your divorce application – we will take care of all aspects of the process for you.

Our Family Law Services

The combination of corporate and commercial experience, asset protection, estate planning experience and a background and human resources provides BLRS with the legal team equipped for your needs.

Anna and her team are passionate, focused and driven to help you through the maze of family law.

There is more to family law such as the human element. It’s important to understand domestic abuse and family violence and to know when to act quickly to provide protection. It’s important for clients to know what options are available, what help is available and what steps can be taken to protect children and themselves.

Family law also reveals heightened emotions such as anger, fear, uncertainty, resentment and unhappiness. At Ballarat Legal Resolution Services we understand that people from all genders and sexual identities require family law services and we intend to continue to provide such services to all of our clients, as we do not believe in discrimination and we do not wish to add to the level of stress by discriminating against clients based on their covid 19 vaccination status.

Obviously, a good family lawyer knows the law regarding parenting and property issues but because every family is different because every situation is different a good understanding of other areas of the law is always invaluable and necessary.

A good family lawyer understands that family law cannot be viewed in isolation and that advice given in family law matters also requires an understanding of commercial and residential property, an understanding of mortgages, loans and encumbrances, an understanding of corporate structures including companies unit trusts and discretionary trusts, an understanding of self-managed super funds, partnerships and businesses and the good sense to know when it is necessary to consult with an accountant in order to ascertain tax consequences particularly capital gains tax consequences of proposed settlements.

Too often have we heard stories of how a good settlement has turned bad once the taxation liabilities are assessed and determined.

A keen eye is also essential, knowing what documentation to request and being able to identify more importantly the documentation that has not been provided by the other party.

There is also the good sense of knowing when to make the tough decisions to maintain human relations and finances.

We like to provide our clients with the certainty of fixed pricing and pursue, in as much as it is possible to do so, peaceful resolutions and options other than court proceedings.

Anna’s commercial background, having been an accredited specialist mediator, in-house corporate lawyer for two large American multinational companies as well as working as being a lawyer in private practice and in government provides you with a team that will pursue the best possible outcome for you during this difficult phase of your life.

You will receive clear concise communication in language that you can understand, and you will be dealing with lawyers that you can understand, who listen to you and who provide you with sensible advice that fixed price. You won’t be charged for over servicing, you won’t be charged for services that you do not need.

7 Mistakes To Avoid On Separation and Divorce:


  1. Taking advice from friends and family: You will maximise your results if you follow your lawyer’s advice. Well meaning friends and relatives are a vital emotional support system for you but they may not be aware of the legal issues. Like you every situation is unique and you need legal advice tailored to your situation.
  2. Rushing ahead too quickly or lagging behind: Timing is everything . Every situation is unique. We can tell you what the right timing is. It is always a good idea to ascertain what your rights and entitlements are before you makwe the decision to separate.
  3. Being unprepared: Make sure that you have all of your financial information ready. Call us and we can provide you with a detailed financial instruction sheet. Knowledge will empower you. Gather together your tax returns, superannuation information, pay slips. contracts for purchases of property etc.
  4. Resorting to litigation too soon: Quite often people think that going to Court is the only option. This is definitely not the case. Many options are available to you. It is not abour revenge or making the other party hurt – it is about finding a solution that will allow you to move on with the next chapter of your life.
  5. Resorting to litigation too late: Sometimes court is the only option and if that is the case we will assist you with swift and effective action to protect your children and your property in situations where your children may be in danger from harm or violence or where assets are being dispposed of or encumbered without your consent.
  6. Expecting too much or giving too little away: You need to know where you stand and what your entitlements are so you can be realistic about your options. You need to know when to compromise and when to fight for more. We will assist you by indentifying for you early in the process what your genuine needs and interests are, what your entitlements are and the range of orders that a court would award to you . You will receive this information early, not on the steps of the courtroom thousands of dollars later.
  7. Making agreements WITHOUT legal advice and properly drafted documents. We have drafted numerous agreements and court orders. There are rules and procedures in place to ensure that agreements and orders are legally enforceable and we are very familiar with these. Cutting corners will cost you more time and money.





Legal Resolutions Australia provides you and the other party/parties with a quicker and less expensive option for resolving any dispute. We have the facilities to provide this service to you from our offices in Ballarat or by video link by prior arrangement. You can access high quality information to assist you to resolve your dispute .

The Principal of this firm is an Accredited Specialist Mediator.

Imagine being able to resolve your dispute with the assistance of an Accredited Specialist Mediator, reaching a healthy and sustainable resolution to your dilemma and maintaining your sanity and budget .You would have the satisfaction of knowing that you and the other party had the power to resolve your dilemma yourselves and that you are not governed by a decision made for you by a third party.

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Occasionally you or a family member or friend may find themselves in trouble with the law over a traffic offence or other offence. You may find the prospect of appearing before the Court unfamiliar and daunting; we will advise you about your rights and assist you in Court in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner.

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