About Ballarat Legal Resolution Services:

Talk to a lawyer with 36 years experience in the private, government and corporate sector

  • We practice preventative law…
  • We aim to find healthy and sustainable solutions to legal problems.
  • We offer solutions to your legal problems in a clear and concise manner and at a fixed cost.
  • We offer fixed price legal services or other flexible costing arrangements for our services.
  • We offer discounts to existing clients
  • We will return your call the same day if it is a weekday or the following Monday if it is a weekend call.

We are not slaves to the billable hour and we offer alternatives to the traditional billing methods. Talk to us about your situation and we are confident that we will be able to accommodate you. We offer services aimed at reducing heartache and stress… not increasing it.

Solicitors have been doing things the same way for centuries. Its time for a change. When we established BALLARAT LEGAL RESOLUTION SERVICES, we decided to take a fresh new approach to the provision of legal services. We are not slaves to the billable hour and everything we do is designed around you. Before we commence your matter we will give you a fixed price estimate of your costs – no hidden costs.

We understand how important it is for you to focus on your life and your business, that’s why we have created a range of fixed price legal services that make it easy for you to ensure your matter is dealt with efficiently and that you are operating within the law.

All of our services are available in person, by phone, email , skype, zoom or microsoft teams.Contact us today to find out how we can save you money and time.


Privacy and Security Policy:

In this policy, we means Ballarat Legal Resolution Services.

As your legal advisers we may receive information from you or from another source that contains material that you consider to be private.

We may collect, store, use, hold and disclose such personal information. We respect your privacy and we will take your privacy and the correct treatment of your personal information seriously. This is what we do.

Personal information:

For the purposes of the Privacy Act 1988 and this policy, personal information is information or an opinion about an individual, who is identified or could be reasonably identifiable, whether the information or opinion is true or not and whether the information is recorded in a material form or not.

Types of personal information we collect and hold:

We collect and hold personal information about individuals (you, our clients or information provided by our clients) for the provision of our legal services and purposes connected to those legal services.

The types of personal information we generally collect and hold about you include your name, address, telephone number, email address and financial information. We may hold information that has been provided to us by our clients so that we can provide our services to them. Should you choose not to provide us with your personal information, we may not be able to provide you with our legal services, but we won’t ask for your information unless we need it.

How we collect and hold personal information:

We may collect personal information directly from you in the course of providing our services, from our website, by email or over the phone.

This firm has engaged a software provider that utilises industry-leading Amazon Web services (AWS) to provide our office with a secure fast reliable and infinitely expandable cloud platform.

Our software provider assures us that it employs state-of-the-art physical and digital security procedures.

Our software provider’s in-house System Administrators also maintain the security of its systems and monitors them in real time for any unusual behaviour.

Our software provider informs us that it is regularly audited by independent security specialists. At all times that your data is transmitted over the Internet, it is encrypted with HTTPS technology, making it as secure as Internet banking and ensuring that it cannot be viewed or altered. We have chosen for our firm’s data to be stored at one of our software providers four data centres, in this case situated in Sydney Australia.

This firm will always retain ownership of its data which can be backed up and exported from the cloud at any time without any restriction.

Purposes for which we hold, use and disclose information:

We handle all the personal information that comes our way in accordance with our professional obligations. We generally use personal information for the purpose for which it was collected. We will not use or disclose personal information about you for any other purpose, unless that purpose is related to the primary purpose for which we have collected that information, and you would reasonably expect the disclosure in the circumstances, or you consent to that use or disclosure.

The purposes for which we hold, use and disclose information include:

  1. conducting our business, for example providing you with legal advice;
  2. to communicate information about our services, or about legal updates or events which we think you’ll and useful and interesting;
  3. to provide information to external service providers (such as photocopying services); and
  4. for our internal administrative, research, planning, marketing and service development.


Personal information is held securely, is subject to various security protections and is held only for as long as the information remains relevant to the purpose for which we collected it, unless the law requires otherwise. Electronic information is protected on servers behind managed firewalls with access control lists against all data. We look after physical data in protected premises with restricted access.

Access and correction:

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure any personal data we collect, use or disclose is up-to-date and accurate. If you believe personal information we hold about you is not up-to-date or accurate, you can ask us to correct it. You may ask us to provide you with details of the personal information we hold about you, and copies
of that information. We will respond to your request and attempt to provide you with the data within 30 days of receipt of your request.

If we provide you with copies of the information you have requested, we may charge you a reasonable fee to cover the administrative costs of providing you with that information. Please direct all requests for access and correction to

Overseas disclosure:

We are not likely to disclose personal information to any overseas entities.

Changes to this policy:

We will review and update this Privacy Policy from time to time as needed without notice. You should therefore review the terms of this Privacy Policy periodically to make sure that you are aware of how we collect, hold, store and use personal information.


If you consider a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles has occurred, please contact us at and we will attempt to resolve your complaint. If you do not consider our response satisfactory, you can contact the Australian Privacy Commissioner at its website or by telephone on 1300 363 992.